Friday, May 8, 2009

New Ben 10 Alien Force Movie for Fall!

Cartoon Network has announced plans for a new Ben 10 movie this fall!

Titled Ben 10 Alien Swarm, this live-action/CGI movie will be shown on Cartoon Network fall 2009. Alex Winter returns as director. He directed the original Ben 10 live action film (Race Against Time), which premiered Thanksgiving 2007.

In Ben 10: Alien Swarm 15 year old Ben Tennyson leaves the Plumbers to help a mysterious young woman named Elena, who has discovered a strange threat to earth. Gwen, Kevin Levin, and Max (not me!) are also featured in the film.

Ryan Kelley will star as Ben Tennyson. Barry Corbin will be Grandpa Max. Galadriel Stineman is Gwen. Nathan Keyes will be Kevin Levin. Alyssa Diaz will play Elena, a long-time friend of Ben. Elena’s search for her father leads the group into an adventure to stop an alien threat from destroying the world.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fall Ben 10 Alien Collection

Here's a rundown of the Ben 10 Alien Force 4" Alien Collection toys for early Fall 2009. Later this year we will have information on toys for Winter 2009 (Oct-Dec). Understand that many of these have already been released. This information shows what will arrive by wave. We should have photos of Alien X, Highbreed, and Upchuck later this month.

Arriving about June-July 2009:

Ben Tennyson
Echo Echo
Big Chill
Alien X

Arriving about August-September 2009:

All of those above except Ben, plus add:
Upchuck New Version

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Complete Ben 10 Season 4 DVD is now available for purchase at a store near you

Ben Tennyson’s summer starts off with a real blast when the OMNITRIX is accidentally set to self- destruct. With the help of a new alien, Way Big, he goes head-to-head against evil Vilgax to save the galaxy. Ben and his family continue their vacation only to stumble upon more action and new heroes like the mega-multiplier Ditto. As the summer winds down, it’s time for Ben to go back to school. Will he reveal his secret to his parents and classmates.

I’m not so sure about that description given that “Secret of the Omnitrix” is considered by the producers to be the final animated Ben 10 adventure in the original series timeline. (They even went so far to say that “Ken 10″ and “Goodbye and Good Riddance” are purely non-canon “what-if” style episodes.)

Anyway, for Season4 we have Ditto prominently featured on the cover with traces of Eye Guy. This DVD set includes the 10 regular format episodes from the fourth season on one disc, and 4 versions of the SotO movie on the other. Again, this set does not come with a poster, but rather a paper insert detailing the episodes in correct order.

Episodes & Features:

• Disc 1- Perfect Day, Divided We Stand, Don’t Drink the Water, Big Fat Alien Wedding, Ben Four Good Buddy, Ready to Rumble, Ken 10, Goodbye and Good Riddance, Ben 10 vs Negative 10 parts 1 & 2
• Disc 2- Secret of the Omnitrix - Red ver.(Heatblast), Blue ver.(XLR8), Gold ver.(Eye Guy), and Bonus Trivia Edition.
• Disc 2 Features- 4 deleted scenes from Perfect Day, Divided We Stand, Don’t Drink the Water, and Ben 10 vs Negative 10.

For some reason they have trivia over the deleted scenes that you can’t get rid of. Good news is the trivia version of the movie is complete unlike the one airedon tv where the trivia did not show for the last 10 minutes of the feature.
Still not as great as the first two DVD releases, but savor it while you can - it’s better than buying the series in volumes like Alien force will be distributed.
SRP $19.98